11 January 2010

Water Melon and Apple Tree

Aryan painted the watermelon inspired by the turtle shell that his mumma did :)

And this will be Aryan's First entry for the artsy-craftsy challenge

And below is something we did in Dushera vacations :

What you see above is a page which says , "A is for Apples , Apple Tree , Ants and Aeroplane".

The Trunk of the tree was painted by a cardboard block , the branches and apples by the little fingers and the green of the tree was done by a loofah!

The Ants were painted by thumbprints and the "A" and the Aeroplane were done by leftover crepe frills.

This will be Aryan's Second Entry to the artsy-craftsy challenge !

Artsy-Craftsy Challenge


  1. Chooooooooooooo cute!! :)
    I love them. pass my kissie to aryan plssssssss

  2. Wowww! Thatz so creative .. loved the loofah idea :)

  3. oooh.. i love that competition entry bro! way to go !

  4. Wow!! That is extremely creative! Aryan is really smart :)

  5. Wow! Its soo cool! :) I want to join it too! :)

  6. awesome!!! :)

    he is very creative! i esp loooved the water melon!

    maha impressed! :)