6 June 2011

Aapki tabiyat kaise hai ??

"Abhi theek nahi hai :D :D"

Yeah thats the answer you will get when you ask him this question. Don't miss the grins at the end.

He has fever since the day school started and so he is not going to school. The fever is high when its there but the gap between the fever is about 10 hours or so. So in these 10 hours the kid is happy and active except when you offer him food. Or when you ask him , "aapki tabiyat kaise hai"

Since no fever means the end of extended vacation with no school and no daycare :)

These kids are too smart for parents :P


  1. Ha ha!
    Hope he gets better soon :)

  2. Yeah they are smart :) Hope he feels better real soon ..

  3. Smarty....kid..Hope is better now