23 June 2011

Little minds and its little stress

We are hunting for a house, since our current land lord wants to sell his.
So obviously the son asked why we have been looking at empty houses and I explained. This was followed by a series of questions :

1. Mumma will you take my car to the new house ?
Ofcourse I said. We will take all your toys
2. And Papa's car?
3. Mumma how will we take bed ?
In truck
4. But how will the bed come out of the door ??
It will , you will see when uncle will take it out
5. But mumma where will I have Malai if we change house ?
(Malai is the soft cocunut layer from tender coconut, we have a tender coconut shop right in front of our apt)
LOL ! Don't worry Aryan , we will find new Malai wala near new house :)

(Sigh ..after more than an year he stopped refering this house as "New Ghar" and forgot about our old house and now we will shift again ..such is life !)


  1. ohhhhhhhh.. Hope you find a good one soon :)
    Hugs to aryan. Its tough on the kids.

  2. I guess we should get ready to hear about "New ghar" very soon :)

    Anirudh is attached to our earlier home quite a bit having being born there and spent the first 6+ years there. He would take his Papa there almost every weekend. But now he has gotten over it.

  3. Ha ha! Aryan is a sweetheart :) Ofcourse, malai is such an important thing :) Hope u find a New Ghar with a malai wala close by soon!

  4. Hope you find a good one soon Swati.

  5. We also shifted to a new home and Chucky keeps asking us "Lets go home" she thinks this isn't our home :)

  6. MM : Yeah , I hope he adjusts.

    ~nm : Yeah Anirudh has known only one house as home , so must be tough for him

    Swaram : Yeah , thats the funny part , he is so worried abt such small things :)

    mnamma : thanks , we finalized one yesterday

    weourlife : How cute ! You may have to tell her everyday that this is your new house