15 June 2011

Summer vacation crafts!

Our First edible craft - bread as base , nutella for skin colour , fruit loops for eyes , corn flakes for hair,ears from bingo and sauce for smile :)
Aryan did not feel like eating it later and so I had the sinful stuff :D

His school bus , we later wrote the name of school as well !

Busy painting the paster of paris cars from a "Mould and Paint" craft kit.
P.S : Do ignore the choclate wrapper and the foot of a pregnant female who has troubles sitting on floor :D

Ready cars !

And the landscape !

Here is what we made the next day from the empty "Mould and Paint" card board box ! And it was gifted to Papa for his news paper :)


  1. Loved them all! Good work Aryan and Mumma!

  2. LOL Ignored ;)

    Loved them all! What a lovely gift for Pappa :)

  3. Thanks taiji and Swaram aunty !