8 April 2008

Twinkle Twinkle Little TAR...

Yesterday I was singing to him rhymes with all the actions, in our bedroom. Suddenly when I was half way with "Twinkle Twinkle" , he started shouting "TAR" "TAR". Thats how he says when he sees a STAR. Initially I thought he is immitating me. But the shout continued ,"TAR TAR".

I asked him , "What Beta, You want to go out to see star?" He continued :"Tar".

I thought I would pick him up and show him the stars , if any from the balcony and so I got up and switched on the lights. He was happy to see me get up and switching on lights , but as soon as he saw me coming back to the bed he started crying , pointing at roof and saying "TAR".

It was then that I realized that he wants me to switch on the FAN. Oops ..since when indoors , the roof is the sky , the fan is a star. What a concept :-)

I switched on the fan and moved on to telling him how to pronounce "FAN" , no luck though :-)


  1. hahahah!! So funny yet so cute!!

  2. How diffirent they think..good he could corelate FAN with Star...