2 April 2008

How ?

How does he know that today is a Saturday and Mumma wants to sleep till 8.00 am , but I will miss 1 hour of play if I do not get up at 7.00.

How does he know that today is Monday Morning and Mumma is already running late and I should sleep till 8.00 am or more.

How does he know that today Mumma is too tired and I should play till 12.00 at night.

How does he know that today Mumma has a meeting and she wishes to reach office sharp at 9.00 and I should demand to sit for potty when they are about to lock the door.


  1. Too good!! Yes..kids are like that!

    With Anirudh I could add few more points besides the ones you have mentioned but in a different style. For e.g.

    1. He knows he has to go to potty the moment Mumma sits down for her meal or is in the middle of it. ALWAYS!

    2. He knows he has to get clingy to Mumma when Mumma has to take a client call from home.

    I can go on and on but don't want to make my comment a post in itself :D

  2. Looks like all kids are the same. Ok, we haven't reached the potty stage, but I can see things coming.

  3. Children are born with an innate knowledge of how to use Murphy's law to a parent's disadvantage.

    So what did you do when he wanted to potty just as you were going out the door?

  4. :) good questions, I can completely relate - so let me know if you figure out the answers!
    hey, just seeing your header for the first time - and totally love it. very appropriate, and nicely done!

  5. ROTFL. Exactly what I have been asking! I think they have an uncanny radar in their brains!

  6. ~nm : I relate to your 1. point as well.

    Asha : Wait and watch :)

    Mummy Jaan : LOL at Murphy's law. On Potty , do i have a choice that to when I am trying to train him to potty ???

    Kodi Mom : If I knew the answers , why would I ask you ????? Thanks for the compliments :)

    dotmom : Ohh you know my pain. Yeah a radar may be.

  7. That is true yaar..How does they know???
    BTW—Something is wrong with my blogger, cannot see any updates.

  8. It starts a long time ago too right? How does Kutie know Amma is having lunch/dinner, and he starts to cry to be breastfed .... when I tried to give or gave a good meal maybe a while ago! Arrrr ...

    And why oh why is it only with MOMMIES!!! and never with Dads? :(

  9. They just seem to know every single time, don't they??? My lil one's potty almost always (as in 99.99%) coincides with my meal time.

  10. I can totally relate to you on this:) Sunu is like that too.

    Do mommies and babies share the "invisible" umbilical cord even after the kids are born or what?!! the kids know when to pull the cord and the mommies have to respond to it:)

  11. i think all the kids are the same.. mine is not even a year old but does exactly this!