8 April 2008

FAN is STAR or Vice Versa ???

Yesterday I wrote how Aryan asked me to switch on the fan.

It was then that I realized that he wants me to switch on the FAN. Oops ..since when indoors , the roof is the sky , the fan is a star.

The same happened yesterday evening in the lift when he pointed out the fan at the roof of the lift and said "TAR". And yes, he knows very well , what a star is and he can show you an actual one in the sky.

So in his imagination , FAN is same as STAR. He might be wondering there are thousands of fans in the sky and they are called stars. Interesting , isn't it ?

And yes , The ladybug is still an Apple.


  1. Hi Swati! I read the comment you pasted on our blog and realized I haven't read any of your posts in a long time. I used to read them now and again, although I'm not sure if I ever left any comments. Very funny incident. Love to Aryan.

  2. his parallel universe in which fan=star and ladybug=apple is fascinating!

  3. thank you for your comment :)
    and you're right, it's fasicnating and cute how chidlren's minds work huh?

  4. Ahha..lady bug is still apple...
    I love it..

  5. Amazing how children think. Really cute! Love to Aryan.