17 August 2009

..and there was a horse..

Today in the school they will go over the tail and mask err..the tale of a busy horse spider :D

YEAH YEAH ..you got it right !
Today they have a class activity where they will go over a tale of the busy spider and students need to dress like the characters. Aryan has to be a horse.

Now ..thats the activity for the mom too..how do I make him a horse is what I thought when I saw the synopsis...rent a dress , buy a dress..naah ..that would be too much work for a class activity :-P

So google bhaiya jindabad ..googled horse masks and made one. (I really hope it looks like a horse though :-P ) And a tail , ready made :-P

But he doesnot have a brown Tshirt/shirt..so what will the horse wear ???
I told him , you will be a black horse with brown face and tail..LOL!

Lets see how it goes :-)


  1. That's good work mom. And yeah, he sure can be a black horse with a brown face.

  2. Cool idea ;)

    Luv the shiny tail :P

  3. Good job at the mask Mumma!

  4. great stuff! and yeah who says horse has to be one colour thru and thru! :D



  5. that is one handsome horse (mask) !! I want to see the full horse...black shirt n all....please post some snaps !!

  6. haha Good 1 !! :) I wanna see the horse pic in full costume!!

  7. wowow...the school is an intersting place my dear Aryan...
    Aryan's Mom