25 August 2009

How is his school going ?

Lets see ..

Every morning I have lot of trouble waking him up. Morning hours are way to stressful for both Anupam and me. Wake him up , push him to bathroom by hook or crook. Make him ready , rush to car. Feed him breakfast in the car and then drop him to the school , just in time and sometimes late by few minutes. Being late can be attributed to Aryan or traffic and that depends.

At the school when we drop him there are multiple kinds of behaviour and thats perfectly his choice. I don't remember dates , but witness some of his days :

Day K : We talk on the way :

Me : "Aryan why do you cry at school, school mein maza aata hai na"
Aryan : "Haan"
Me : "Then"
Aryan : "Mumma papa saath , car jana hai"

Day X : As the car stops at school he says to himself , "Ab cry karna hai" (Now I have to cry)

Huh ..is that a custom now ? Is what I think:-P

Day A(happens to be monday): On a friday night he tells me that "Aryan kal school cry nahi karega"
(Aryan will not cry at school from tomorrow)

Cool ..why the hell its a friday ..GRRR ..me think :P

Anyway , he doesnot cry on THE monday and tuesday and say a bye with a sad smile.

WOW ..me think

Damn the school closes for swine fear for a week.

Day Y(School opens after swine fear) : Again a bye !!

Yippe ..me thinks

Day Z(We reached late to school) : While I am talking and explaining why we are late , he bursts into tears :(

Day B(Yesterday) : On the way he says "Aryan cry karega" and he does.

Day C (Today) : On the way, in the car we speak ,

Me: "Aryan school mein maza aata hai na "
Aryan : "Haan"
Me : "Aryan aap cry nahi karoge na"
Aryan : "Aryan cry karega"
Me : "Kyo , cry karna acha lagta hai"
Aryan : "Haan" (spots his school's lane) "I-card lagao, school aa gaya"
Me : (putting the I-card) "Ok , then cry loudly"
Aryan : "Nooo , shout nahi karte" (spots school buiding) "Bag taango , school aa gaya"

And he goes off , crying but not shouting :-P

In the evenings , he has loads of stories to tell , from how they played on slide , what they ate , what they painted , how they excercised , what did his teacher wear , who came and who did not , which poem he learnt etc etc and he communicates all of that in parts and pieces just before bed :)

Now ..do you get the answer..please let me know if you did :-P


  1. lol so cute aryan cry karega

    i think he will settle down soon dont worry

  2. "Ab cry karna hai"- really? that's so cute.But I know how stressful it must be for you.

    Hope he settles down fast.

  3. Hw cute :)

    He comes bk n tells a tale - he loves it all then na :)

  4. i think he is totally OK and crying only for your benefit!

    Cubby did that too. initially and now afta the flu break!

    Aryan obviously is happy considering he is coming back with stories! :)


  5. ohh so cute if he comes home n tells u all thats happened with him that day! with Lil P when i ask "what did u do at school today?" I get, "Eat!!??" everyday ;)

  6. @Monika : Yeah ..thats cute and wicked :D

    @Monika & Ansh : Yeah mornings have been stressful but thats because of the ways he tries to make us late :P

    @Swaram : Yeah , even I think so !

    @Abha : Crying for our benefit...LOL

  7. @Shruthi : Yeah even Aryan starts with food but when I dig further ..its keeps coming :)

  8. Boy, he is 3 already. I missed his birthday, better late than not.
    Here's wishing him many many years of happiness.
    LOL on "Ab cry karna hai".