10 August 2009

School Crafts - 1

These are the things that he has made in his school till date. Sorry, Correction : These are the things that his ma'am made for him in school till date. Yeah , When I asked him "who made this , Aryan made " , pat came the reply "No Ma'am made". So very honestly :D

Though for the friendship band he himself told that " Ma'am banaya aur Aryan banaya". So except for the friendship bands he doesnot himself honour his contribution to the crafts :-)

This First Craft. This is supposed to be a dalmatian mask with a missing ear , which came seperately in the bag but I misplaced it somewhere :P
They showed them the movie as well.

A ScareCrow. Last month one day was celebrated as scarecrow day(don't ask me WHY?) and thats when they did this.

A Strawberry

A friendship band. 3rd August was celebrated as friendship day.


  1. Wow! Such a honest boy :)

    The scarecrow n strawberry r really gud :)

    Sweet friendship band - he wud hv loved it on this hands na!

  2. Aww..cute crafts there !!

    & that's an honest boy u have.

  3. Very nice craftwomanship and good boy following.

  4. scarecrow day... sounds really weird

    cute cute crafts and u should be proud of the honest little boy

  5. super super super cute !!!!
    even I love all the stuff that my son (mostly done by teacher) makes and brings home to show off !!

  6. SOOOO SWEET! And a blog is such a nice way of preserving all his artwork. He really is a lovely honest little fellow!

  7. Hi Swathi..Such a cutie pie he is..The friendship band is very good....he must be happy to have that swet butterfly in it.
    Aryan's mom

  8. Hi,
    really cute crafts...you should applaud him for his honesty and confidence to say that his ma'am has done it!!!
    My 4 year old's craft record is more or less the same..except that in every craft he had left his identity..A broken hand for a cardboard doll, smudges on a picture..Enjoy their innocence..sadly it doesn't last long theese days!!!
    ps: ..would be honoured if you could check out my turtle craft at www.mom-of-all-trades.blogspot.com