5 July 2011

Bhoolna mat !

Yeah thats the instruction I got this morning ..for what ?? For finishing his leftover breakfast. He doesnot like to waste food, so when he thinks he cannot finish something he gives it to one of us and insists that we finish it.

This morning I gave him a banana and he did not eat it. So while leaving for school he tells me , "Mumma aap banana finish kar dena ..okay ..bhoolna mat!!"

On a different note , there is more I do not want to forget , so making use of the title :)

Yesterday he asked me , Mumma , can I call you Mother ?
So I said yes !
Aryan :Can I call you Mom ?
Me :Yes! You can call me Mumma , Mummy , Mom, Mother, Ma.
Aryan : And what can I call papa ?
Me : Umm..Papa , Dad , Daddy, Father, Pitaji
Aryan : Pita ji :D I will call you mother and Pitaji
Me : Okay
So yesterday full day I was addressed as Mother and Anupam was addressed as Pita ji. It was so funny to hear him say so. We participated in the fun by replying to him as Son and Putra.
Yesterday at bedtime , Mother when baby will come, we will take the baby in pram to parking. Then you lift the baby and I will fold and keep the pram in boot. Then you sit with baby in the back seat.

Me : No, you and baby will sit in back seat and Mumma will sit in front.

Aryan : Arree !!! NO , I will have to drive na , I will be big as Pita ji. Pitaji and baby can sit in back seat then.

Me : When you will be big as papa , baby will also be big ..right ??

Aryan confused now ..keeps thinking ..but baby might be tired walking so we can use pram ???

Me : Baby will not fit in pram when baby is big

Aryan : Hmm..but baby will first be small , 0 years , then 1 year then 2 , then 3 , then 4 like me ,then 5 , then only baby will be big ..hai na ??

Me : Haan

And thats where the dialogue ended. I do not know the conclusion though :D


  1. I had such a laugh at the second anecdote!! He is just too adorable!

  2. oh so sweet.. nice that aryan doesnt like to waste food..:)

  3. That's so sweet of him, I am surprise to know at this age itself he knows the value of it :)