14 April 2010

Already buying me gifts :)

Yesterday night at bedtime "Mumma main aapke liye Papa car laonga aur keys bhi , theek hai , phir aap bhi Sanika ki mumma jaise car chalana..theek hai "

He wants to buy me a car like his dad's , with keys ofcourse , so that I can also drive car like other moms :)


  1. LOL @ keys bhi .. he is so thoughtful :)
    Which one hv u asked for Swati :P

  2. Sho sweet...must make sure papa dear reads this post :D

  3. awwww he is so adorable and they observe so much na

  4. @Swaram : Yeah keys bhi :) Umm..thinking ..you suggest !

    @nm : It was all in front of Papa , but you know men hear only what they want to :)

    @Monika : Ohh yes, he has great observation skills