14 April 2010

Who will sleep where ?

Yesterday at bed time :

Mumma : "Aryan aap apne room mein ninna karoge"

Aryan : "Nahi"

Mumma : "Kyo"

Aryan : "Phir mujhe darr lagega"

Mumma : "Kyo , darr kyo lagega , wahan aapka mickey mouse hai , doll hai , aapka painting hai"

Aryan Listening

Mumma : "Main pooh bear wala bedsheet bicha deti hoon aapke liye"

Aryan : "Kyo"

Mumma : "Phir pooh bear aapke saath soyega na , toh darr nahi lagega"

Aryan : "Nahi , mujhe mumma paas sona hai"

Mumma quiet for few minutes. Suddenly a bulb lights and Mumma recalls ~nm's talks to Anirudh. So she strikes a conversation on similiar note.

Mumma : "Aapko small baby lana hai na , phir baby kahan soyega"

Aryan : (Patting at where his dad sleeps) "yahan"

Mumma : "Phir Papa kahan soyenge"

Aryan : "Papa apna pillow leke , Us room mein"

Mumma : (Thinking that this conversation would end exactly like ~nm's and Anirudh's) "Phir dadu dadi aayenge toh woh kahan soyenge?"

Aryan : "Dadu big room mein bed par soyenge, dadi apna pillow leke sofa pe soyengi"

(We have a diwan in living room)

But Mumma was wrong , he is one step ahead of his cousin, who atleast thought dadi dadu can sleep with papa in the other room (since papa is their betu! ). My son has moved dadi to sofa altogether. I wonder how dadi would react to the news :-)


  1. LOL ... u just can't be smarter than him :P

  2. ROFL tell him a baby cant come if the dad sleeps in the other room ;-)

    smarty he is

  3. Sigh.. we've given up on lil p moving to a diff room.. extra bed daal diya hai which is in same room .. but a lil distance away.

    aaryan is real smart.. poor dadi!

  4. ha ha! I hv given up on trying to have her sleep in her room! now i hv her bed next to my bedside and the little one's next to the footboard!

  5. good try...to make him sleep alone....