28 April 2010

Kal bhi nahi

So yesterday it was 1 phrase that dominated all the talks we had. Some examples :

Aryan : "Mumma mujhe bread khana hai"

Mumma : "Aryan ab roti khayenge"

Aryan : "Nahi mumma , mujhe bread acha lagta hai , maine kal bhi nahi khaya na bread!"

Aryan : "Papa aap TV dekho"

Papa : "Nahi Aryan , I am done"

Aryan : "Nahi Papa , aapne kal bhi TV nahi dekha na!"

Aryan : "Mumma book padenge"

Mumma : "Thodi daer baad"

Aryan : "Nahi Mumma , maine kal bhi book nahi pada na"


  1. LOL .. looks like there's one hit phrase every day :P Reading this is fun :) I am wondering what will it be today :)

  2. :) how cute.. which 1 is it today??

  3. their talk just keeps getting cuter!! :)

  4. yeah.. the lil ones aim for perfection i guess :)