20 April 2010

Never call him a big boy

Never call him a big boy because if he is big ..he should be able to drive Papa's car with KEYS !!

Yeah , Aryan has a one point agenda these days ..to become big..since when is as big as papa he will be able to drive papa's car , WITH KEYS.

Papa does allow him to sit of driving seat and play with the stearing when the car is safely parked ..so he does drives the car ..but papa never give him keys to drive the car.

So on rare occasions when he eats his veggies , he stands on his toes with hands held high and asks if he has become big.

When he is with younger kids , he asks me to notice that he is big..like he stood next to Poppin's SweetPea (who is not even 2) and told me that mumma see I am big.

Last night there was a small lizard in the house and he was scared like anything when I told him that big boys are not scared with lizards , cockroaches and fire flies , like papa is not. And so he got thinking and checking all over again if he was big.

And Mumma can never tell him that he is a big boy now , because the moment mumma says "Aryan you are a big boy: , Aryan says "Main big ho gaya hoon na , toh main papa car chalonga , keys se "


  1. Ha ha.. good thing is that he eats veggies to become big! Pattu becomes big and small as per her convenience!

  2. LOL ... so, u can't make him a big boy @ ur convenience nw, lest he asks for the keys :P

  3. So sweet he is..
    Aryan's mom

  4. hehe!! they really know how to turn tables on us!! nahi?! :D

  5. Oh yes! we need to constantly watch what we say ..or else you never know when the ball will come to your court!!

  6. LOL. We have this constant argument going on here...like every few minutes! Go on then, give him the keys ;)

  7. Thanks all ..he sure knows what works :)