27 April 2010

Yeh Kaun laya ?

"Yeh kaun laya ?" is the latest question on his mind for each and EVERY THING. For eg.

"Mumma, wall kaun laya ?"
"fan kaun laya ? , Aur AC ?"
"Yeh Tshirt kaun laya ?"
"Tub kaun laya ? , Aur soap , aur bathroom ?"

So you get the zing , don't you ? We try to be sane and reply to these questions to perfection as much as possible. But there are things that we don't really remember that who actually bought those but he won't leave us without an answer and so we say "Mumma laya" or "Papa laya" just to close the topic.

So this weekend it happened like that :

Aryan : "Mumma Aryan soap kaun laya"
Mumma : "ummm..Mumma laya"
Aryan : "Nahi maine papa se poocha , papa ne bola , papa laya"
Mumma : (ufff...He is cross verifying also :P) "Haan , Mumma aur Papa dono laya"
Aryan : "Aur main ? Main bhi laya ?"
Mumma : (thinking , let me tease him ;-) ) "Nahi , Aryan nahi laya , Mumma aur Papa gaye the"
Aryan : " Nahi Mumma , Aryan bhi gaya tha , aapko pata hai , main aapki godi mein tha"

Now how to reply that ???


  1. LOL ... cross-verification already :P What fun ;)

  2. haha..nice nice...

    nice conversation..
    I love talking with the toddler kids..
    its so much fun than watching IPL

  3. LIke this fellow - cross verifying and also checking if mumma's memory is intact! LOL!

  4. whats with the unending questions!! and yeah so difficult to answer them right all the time!

    Aryan already seems to know all the tricks up your sleeve!! hehe!


  5. ha ha ha ;-) this fellow is a smart guy

  6. hehe.. can understand ur plight.. have been through this routine.. :)

  7. This is super hilarious!!! How did I miss this post earlier?