12 April 2010

And we get crafty again!

Holidays means fun and crafts and paintings..so we made the following :

Caterpillar ..though it doesnot look like one and I could not find anything to make tentacles

Lady bug puppet - which hardly looks like lady bug though ..but it was 100% painted by the prince and so I have no complaints.
Paper Mache Musical Maracas - for Shruti ! Only because of her I tried hands on this.

An old ice cream container used as the base.
I have put some channa in it for the sound.
The handle is of rolled paper.
The ready structure was then dipped in paper mache paste.
And we then rolled it over on pieces of news paper.
Finally it was dipped again in paper mache paste.
We finally had a colourful Musical Maracas.

I wanted to make 2 but Aryan lost patience and so the other one was left like that.

Idea courtsey : google bhaiya as always. I cannot get so innovative myself :D


  1. They are just marvellous!!

  2. awesome!!! i loved the caterpillar! is that egg carton?

    and everything else! very very cool!


  3. Woww! I luv the Maracas :D
    Gud luck for the contest Aryan :)

  4. Maracus is so so innovative.....kudos ...
    Aryan's mom

  5. Wow! these are real cute! well done swati n aryan! :)
    adding them up rt away..

  6. Forgot to mention... u can use plastic straws to make caterpiller legs :)

  7. very nice maracas. looks real easy to make. n the caterpillar is cute too.

  8. Love them all - Aryan is one budding painter I tell you!

  9. awesome u guys are inspiring me to do something

  10. Cute stuff! Maracus idea is unique!!