7 May 2011

Aryan narrates a story for his blog!!

Once upon a time there was a crab. then crab wanted to eat fish but crab cannot hold fish. then crab gets fishing rod. then crab got fish and ate fish. then he want his mumma.But mumma went to lion house. then baby crab went to tiger house but he cannot find mumma. then he saw tiger and shouted TIGERR!! Then tiger got disturbed. Then lion heard noise and said whose noise is that. Then mumma crab its my baby crab. Then lion open window and saw baby crab. Then baby crab went to lion house and found mumma.Then mumma crab and baby crab became happy and went gumma walky walky.

Note : The story was typed as narrated without any changes :)


  1. can you help the children?


  2. oh-le...super duper story this is!