26 May 2011

Papa felt you baby :)

I have been feeling you for long now. But your papa and Bhaiya were not able to feel you till now.

Yesterday evening though your papa got lucky. He had his hand on my stomach and I asked him at every kick if he felt anything and he said no. Then suddenly he shouted , "is baar laga , did she kick ??" Ofcourse you had kicked :)

And he was a happy man !!

For next few moments he was lost and when I asked , he said , he was getting nostalgic about the times when he used to feel Aryan and now Aryan is already sitting next to us :)


  1. That is so sweet....would love to also know how you are preparing Aryan to welcome the little baby into the family.

  2. How sweet is that, you made me nostalgic too..Now I want to feel the baby :)

  3. Swapana : I really am not doing much. I just keep talking to him about the baby. I protray to him that its his baby and he is our baby. So he has to love his baby as we love our baby. The idea came from aryan himself , he used to ask for sibling like , Aryan ka baby kab aayega. So we have made the baby as Aryan ka baby

  4. Swaram : thanks :)

    weourlife : Then do something abt it :D