26 May 2011

How big is the baby ?

Aryan keeps asking me how big is the baby and I keep telling him what I read from previous week's baby center's news letter. So last week baby was the size of a banana.
When I told him this he asked me "jab bahar aayega tab kiske jitna bada hoga ? "
I was in the middle of some work on my laptop , so I showed him with both my hands the approx size. But he wanted comparison with some object he can relate too. And so I blurted out "laptop jitna "

Now day before yesterday he again asked , "how big is baby now ? Bigger than banana ??" I said yes! "Like the laptop ..yay it will come out now" So I said no , not yet like laptop.

Again he wanted the size in terms of some object. The baby center said that the baby is 10.5 inches this week , size of a carrot. But the carrots that we get in Bangalore usually are hardly 5 inches :) So I as I said carrot , I was also thinking if he will be confused. So I clarified , the big red ones that we get sometimes na.

Thankfully he did not ask further about next size :D


  1. You have a lot of patience to answer him :)

  2. Swaram : What to do ..I could not imagine beyond laptop :P

    Weourlife : Ohh no , I wish I had some patience :)