23 May 2011

Making greeting cards

In our winter vacations (yeah ..winter, not summer) we made lots of greeting cards for the entire family and sent them to all for birthdays and new year.

Lazy Mumma forgot to post pics then ..better late than never !


  1. O wow...fantastic..
    they look so so lovely.

    I love all that writing too..such love :)

    ok and I get new activity idea to do :)

  2. Awww all of them r really cute Aryan. U dint send me one ;) ;)

  3. Thanks Life Begins :)Yeah they turned out really well. We did lots of cutting pasting and some colouring :) Try this its fun and they cherish the output , esp when they get calls from family :)

  4. Aww Swaram , next time we would send you. This was our first time and we took safe route by sending to granparents , who anyways cherish even if its just a scribble ;-) LOL!

  5. I love making cards with my son too. I can imagine the excitement and fun you had while doing this activity. Lots of such shared activities make the mother-kid bonding so interesting and enriching.

  6. Lovely one..I missed so many of your updates darling Aryan...