30 May 2011

Letter to my little one -2

This letter has a special reason sweetheart. We all SAW you ..yeah this saturday we all saw you :):)

And you were thinking something really important, with your eyes closed and your hand on your forhead , covering half of your eye. When dotor focused on other parts of body , you removed your hand for a while but again had it back as soon as she focussed your face again. Were you feeling shy is what I wonder :)

Your papa thinks you look like your bhaiya , especially your nose :) Which also means you look like your mumma :D :D

Your bhaiya was quite zapped to react. He just asked why are you not looking at us and why you have your eyes closed.

Your papa came home running with the reports and spent good time looking at your pictures again.

I am still not able to get over your face. I can still see it so clearly. And the pose where you have your legs up in the air and you were trying to kick :)

Hugs sweetie , grow well :)


  1. Love the tags :) A blessed moment indeed!
    Hugs :)

  2. Very cute letter I ever read..really love to read updates on your blog and yes it is been long time I visited your blog..Keep writing

  3. waw what a precious moment :)

  4. Swaram : Thank you !

    Renu : Good to see you here :) How are you managing second time ..how are things ?

    Monika : :-)

    weourlife : thanks