20 May 2011

Letter to my little one -1

An incomplete post that was in drafts forever...posting it now as I don't feel like discarding it

The letter was written on 8th March 2011

Sweet heart or as we fondly call you Runjhun and sometimes Rimjhim , you have been with me for about 10 weeks now and every moment since you came , no actually from few months before you even existed , all I have done is to think about you and to wait for you.

My dear darling , me , your dad , your brother , your grandparents , your tauji taiji , bua phupha ji , mama mami were all so excited the moment they came to know about your existence.

Your 4.5 years old brother Aryan keeps talking about you every single day. He calls you baby. Yeah baby , hamara baby , Aryan ka baby. Thats what you are for him. You should see how he gently touches my stomach and says "main baby ko paaru kar raha hoon" and how he tickles our my tummy and says "main baby ko tickli kar raha hoon" and when I tell him , baby is laughing inside , he says , "toh hasne do, aur hasne do".

I know that he thinks about you more than he actually talks about you. I saw him playing with an imaginary baby yesterday. And then his sudden questions (without a prior notice for me to prepare an answer !!!) makes me wonder how much you are actually on his mind.

Since 1-2 days he started kissing and talking to you. He will kiss n number of times on my tummy and won't actually give up unless he is literally forced to. I wonder how you will manage if he actually kisses you so many times when you are out :) And he will keep his mouth on my tummy and say hello or just shout in his shrill voice , telling me that he is talking to you. I am sure , you will repond to his voice more than mine when you are out.

Okay , now lets talk about you !!

You have been quite a sweet heart actually. You don't trouble your mumma as much as your brother did. Mumma is a lot less pukish and lot less tired than she was when your brother was in her tummy. Perhaps , experience and practice make a woman perfect :-)


  1. Aww! How sweet of Aryan :)
    Sure baby will talk to him more than to you parents :D

  2. waw, thats a sweet letter. Aryan is a caring big brother :)

  3. Hey congrats!! Just catching up on your blog after a long time...
    So, Aryan's gonna have company heh.. and already excited about it...lucky little one..

  4. Aww both of them are super-cute :D

  5. ohhh I'm so excited and happy for u :) Aryan is a sweetheart.. I'm sure he'll make a wonderful big brother

  6. Thank you all and Amen !