31 July 2011

And I saw you smile ..

..okay the doctor may have used the word "yawn" but it felt like a smile to us. And your tooth less smile is so like your brother :)
You blinked as well :)

All the while you had your face towards us but when you realized that we just cannot stop looking at you and even the doctor is co-operating, you finally turned your back :) When do you kids learn all this attitude ????

Your brother was thrilled to see you in 3D. He was asking and telling about what he saw for a long time after the scan. He doesnot like the gynaecologist because she checks mumma behind the curtain and doesnot let him see what is happening , while the sonographer lets him see his baby.

You are his baby and thats the fact he has taken to heart. He thinks he will have to fulfill all the fatherly duties for you. He thinks that you will always remain small , a baby and he will keep on growing fast :-) It never fails to bring me a smile when he talks about you in all innocence :)
I am really looking forward to a special bond between both of you !

However , when it comes to sharing Mumma , he is still very possessive. I hope together we can handle that situation when it comes.

We also saw the hospital around this saturday. The rooms where you and I will spend our first night together :)

Now that I started 8th month , time is just not moving. Cannot wait to hold you and snuggle with you. But you please dont get imapatient like your mumma. Please take your own sweet time ..no hurries :D

The doctor told that you are still in breech position but there is still time and you will move ..hopefully. Do move sweety. I somehow remember that your bhaiya also was in breech during this time but he did move.
The doctor also told that you birth weight is expected to be same as your brother's.

I hope the time really flies when it should :)


  1. So cute :) Wishing they have a lovely bond that they'll cherish forever!
    Amen! @ your last line :)

  2. May that luvly sibling bond last forever :)

  3. How sweet is that. I am sure the scribblings will learn how to share their mama. You take care :)

  4. time will fly! very soon! :)

    and Aryan is gonna be a lovely big bro!


  5. Congratulations swati! It's been a while I visited ur blog and on returning such an exciting news! God bless!!