25 July 2011

Thinking Marriage at 5 !!

Aryan : Mumma why do you have 2 Mummy and 2 Papa.
Me:Aryan, When I got married to Papa , his mummy papa also became my mummy papa and my mummy papa became his. So we both have 2-2 mummy papa.
Aryan : When I will get married , I will also have 2 mummy papa
Me : Yeah , when you grow up and will get married , you will also have 2 mummy papa.
Aryan : I will get married with J (his current best friend and lastest fascination at daycare)
Me : Yeah , whoever , we will decide when you grow up :P

And here are some pictures from his Birthday !


  1. Happy B'day Aryan!

    A very sweet reason to get married... :)

  2. Ha ha , kids these days are more matured for their age, at 5 even if I had plans of marriage, I never had guts to discuss with my mom..

  3. Now that you say it ,
    I also remember a guy in my class wanted to marry me when we were 5 and he told that to the teacher also :P