12 July 2011

Field Trip to a Deaf School

Aryan's school took his class for a field trip to deaf school in last week of June. They wanted the kids to experience how is life different for differently abled and how blessed we are to have our senses. Earlier the plan was for blind school , but it seems like some parents objected on the idea of blind school since they did not want their kids to see that pain so early in life.

And so they went to deaf school. When I asked Aryan about the field trip , he told only little :

"We went far off. In big bus. Mujhe big bus mein bahut mazza aaya"

What did you see there ?

"Bache. Unki maam unhe hands se bata rahi thi"

"Do you know why the maam was telling them with hands ?"

No reply

"Because they cannot hear from their ears."


Thats about it. So I do not really know if he understood what he was supposed to understand. Perhaps the blind school would have made him think more. Since the children in deaf school looked like normal kids , these kids might not have really realized what is different.

However it was his first brush with the harsh realities of life.

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  1. Kids understand a lot more than we give them credit for. Nice initiative by the school...