28 July 2011

Romance ?

with a bus / daycare friend ?

Day 1 :

Aryan : Mumma I want a flower for J. She loves flowers. Give me a flower for school tomorrow.

Mumma : Aryan I cannot get flower early morning. Plus you will meet her only after school na ..how will you keep it in school

Day 2 :

Aryan : Mumma , aaj maine school mein flower dekha , phir maine socha J ke liye le loon , but phir mujhe laga woh aaj shayad nahi aayengi, is liye maine nahi liya. Phir maine uska bus mein wait kiya. Maine ek girl ko dekha , uske baal J jaise the par woh J nahi thi. Phir ek girl ka bag dekha , barbie wala , J jaisa. But J nahi aayi , main sad ho gaya

Day 3 :

Aryan : Mumma maine J ko flower diya. Maine dekha school mein , ek plant , uspar flower tha , maine woh le liya aur phir maine bus mein J ko de diya. Woh bahut happy ho gayi.


  1. Everything starts early with these kids these days..nahi? :)

  2. Haha..brilliant! Thats a very sweet gesture... :) Bit too soon though!

  3. Indeed, but isn't it a bit too early? I love how sweet he is to think abt J and ways to make her happy. He would a perfect BF material :)

  4. Ohh ya ..these kids are way to advanced ..may be 10-15 years advanced :P

    I do have loads of romantic stories of this guy ..however the flower thing ..i was surprised at that happening so soon :)