5 June 2007

First Dine Out !

Aryan's First Dine out was in Entertainment Paradise (EP) at Jaipur on Oct 15th, 2006. To our surprise he enjoyed that too much.We took a sofa seat for his comfort and laid him there. He did not know to turn by then , so there was not much to worry about.

EP,Jaipur,15th October, 2006

Aryan is too fond of cycling and hitting his legs wherever possible(God knows , if that hurts him ..but it hurts others for sure.He is always happy, doing that).So he did the same and hit his dadi a several time as she sat next to him.

EP,Jaipur,15th October, 2006

There was another family on the next table celebrating a 5 year old's birthday and so 2-3 kids were running around. Aryan loved to watch them. Then we went and sat in the Garden and Aryan's happiness was so obvious with a smile.He was looking around in much excitement.

EP,Jaipur,15th October, 2006

He looked very cute in a new dress. Dress courtsey, Aryan's Tauji , who selected and gifted that.I made a great video too, check that out.

And Yes since that was my first dine out after maternity I also enjoyed that loads!!

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