12 June 2007

Friends at first sight..:)

Last Sunday(10th June) we went Fab India.While mummy(MIL) and I were busy looking at the garments , I realized that Anupam was talking to someone.When I turned back I realized that Aryan was trying to make friends with a baby girl (probably Aryan's age) ,who was in her father's lap.She was not in a good mood and was quite sleepy and so did not even smiled back. Anupam and the other father was amused at the kids and were doing a casual chit chat.Soon Aryan realised that the effort is of no use.The the girl slept and her parents moved to another section of the store.

After about 15 mins , I heard a baby crying and Anupam was laughing.I was a little surprised and looked at Anupam. He told me that the baby(same age again) is crying because he does not want to go away.Aryan and the baby boy had become friends. I saw that both Aryan and Sidharth Arya(the other kid) were chatting in some foriegn language. They were loud enough to catch the attention of all the other people around. They were literally jumping from our laps to hug each other. I took him close to Sidharth Arya and they both held hands.I tried to move away and now it was Aryan's turn to cry. He did not want to leave.It was so amusing for all the four parents. Our son made his first friend and it was friendship at first sight..:)

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  1. With a charmer like Ayran, who will not like to make friends with him!