24 July 2007

Chal Meri Gaddi..Chuk Chuk Chuk

Aryan enjoy's gift from Taiji and Tauji.Pics taken in Bangalore on 24th July, 2007.

"See my Engine :) "

"WOW it has an Steering too ! "

"Me going for a ride"

Editted to Add : I got a call from Aryan's tai ji after she read this post. She informed me that the gift is not from them but only and only from Aryan's cousin (their 3 years old son).


  1. Aryan seems to be sooo happy about his chuk chuk... as if he has found the love of this life. :)

  2. Hey Aryan! Please me along with you too! Can I sit behind you?

    He looks so happy riding it! What more could we want? :D

  3. Happy birthday, Aryan! Isn't he one happy little train driver? :-)