2 July 2007

Expression of Love !

Not that before my previous post, I had a doubt about my son's love for me.He has expressed that often to me in his own different ways.

Smiling with a big grin and cuddling me before sleep are old stories ,sometimes he will hold my cheeks in his palms.Sometimes he will pull my cheeks.I am the most prefered one for his kisses.In fact quite lately he kissed only me.Though now he kiss others too , but then they just keep wishing for it for days and I am the lucky one , who gets atleast one every day.(Kissing means only laying his lips on my cheeks with his mouth open wide..thats his way you see !!)

Quite recently though , his expression of love has been terrifying for me.This expression of love is probably coupled with making use of his brand new upper teeth.. :D. He bites me , wherever he can and whenever he can.And he takes the thinnest of my skins.It hurts like someone is pinching and makes me shout and cry.Cheeks and shoulders are favourite spots, but legs were also not spared.

Don't know whats next !!

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