3 July 2007


Aryan does so much every day and each evening I have so mant incidents to blog , but by the time I am blogging I forget most of them.Just now as I was usually checking mad momma , her latest post reminded me one.When Aryan is very happy,active and naughty mood , he goes like "Puurrrrrrrrr..Puuurrrrrrrrrr" and all his face and mine and whoever is near by is sprayed..:D

At Home,Bangalore,2nd July, 2007

Hehehehe...I try so much to tell him not to do that and divert his attention , but I hardly succeed. I don't feel like scolding him , coz I know thats one of his ways of expressing his happiness.Don't feel like scolding him in that masti mood , coz he hardly understands whats wrong in doing that.


  1. Hiiiiii naughty!!!!

    I Thought of sharing ur happiness in ur way...
    Puurrrrrrrrr..Puuurrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!

    Hhhahhhahaa... Now its ur turn!!

  2. Both my girls do this! It is one of those 'drives-me-crazy-now-but-miss-it-sorely-when-they-stop' things!