2 July 2007

Mimickery Artist

You know we have a little mimickery artist in making.He used to mimick laughing from a long time. These days he mimicks everything.My Papa's snoring is his favourite and you can ask him any time , "Nanu Kaise Sote Hai .." and he goes "uaaah uaah" (something of that sort..)Then he mimicks my mummy's coughing and that has also become a game now ..Ask him how does a old man coughs ..and he will let you know .."Khoo Khoo".And when he cries without reason and I mimick his crying ..he suddenly laughs .. :)

But there is another point I realized ..these kids will learn whatever they want ..since so long I have been telling him certain words and how dog barks and many more things , but he has not picked up any and he picks up Papa's snoring and Mummy's coughing , just in a day ..:D

1 comment:

  1. haha..this is just super duper cute! I am telling you this boy is going to be such a brat when he grows up! An adorable brat!